Armie Hammer
For the first six years in this business I felt like I was fighting an uphill battle… in the dark. Then came not only a glimmer of light, but a blinding source of knowledge, comfort, support, and confidence.
Any “acting teacher” can don a beret and complicate the art of acting, but it is Deborah’s inherent genius that allows her to simplify it for you. Know your character, know the material, and know where/when you are. If you are an actor that prefers to use your brain then you will have questions… Deborah Aquila has the answers.
And then even more questions for you to ask yourself. She is, in my opinion, one of the best resources that actors have had access to, and I truly believe her name will find it’s place among the great teachers of all time. Please don’t take my word for it, you owe it to yourself to find out on your own.

The Lone Ranger, The Social Network, Call Me By Your Name

Tessa Ferrer
Deborah pushes and stretches students in all areas of life. We are challenged to know more, feel more, be more aware, be more specific, have bigger hearts, and to never settle. I leave every class stimulated by our discussions, by the direction, by the other students’ work. I leave every class striving to be better. I am a different actor because of this studio. I am a different person.

Grey's Anatomy, Extant

Callie Hernandez
It is the teachings of Deb Aquila that I lead with my work, always. Because once you know this level of work, you cannot un-know it.
Starting out, I sampled a myriad of techniques, formulas and coaches from the vast plethora of acting classes offered in both Los Angeles and New York. At which point, I was working blindly, merely off instinct. And I was truly in search for something of substance, something which resonated and provided a structure I could learn from, change and grow with.
One class with Deb Aquila and it felt like home.
Her techniques provide a thorough structure in how, specifically, to approach the work. Her guidance is intricately insightful and honest. The studio, as a whole, is an actor’s safe haven, brimming with support. She, herself, is, perhaps the single greatest resource to actors here and now. Everything I have come to value in this work has stemmed from Deb Aquila and this studio.

Graves, Machete kills, from Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

If I had to describe Deborah Aquila with one phrase, it would be ‘force of nature.’ I had the biggest performance breakthrough I can remember in Deb’s Script Analysis Infused Technique Intensive. Deb talks about connecting the head and the heart, and it is exactly the way her head and heart are so connected that enabled me to begin to unlock that connection.If you want to stretch your craft or yourself as a human being, I cannot recommend any of Deborah Aquila’s classes enough.

Filthy Preppy Teen$, Dark Shadows

Marie Mouté
Whenever I’m not on a set I like to train. Acting is like being a musician or an athlete. You need to train regularly. Here in Los Angeles, I go to the Aquila Morong studio to work with Deborah Aquila and Donna Morong. They are amazing, with a tons of experience and they’re both also very beautiful human beings.

Welcome to New York, La Vie Devant Nous

Aaron Norvell
Us actors have our various ways of studying technique. However, Deborah offers an approach to break down the scene in a masterful-way. I would recommend any serious actor to take her experience, approach, and guidance. BRAVO DEBORAH 🙂

General Hospital

Deb teaches her students how to shift their perspective and think from their character’s point of view. In just two days you learn how to analyze a scene and work truthfully through the backstory you’ve created.

The Day I Almost Died, Jackson Bolt

I enrolled in the Aquila Morong Audition Intensive course because I battled crippling audition anxiety that was withholding me from taking the next step forward in my career. One of the first pieces of advice Deb shared with us was that nerves disappear when you study for the test properly. Holy smokes, was she right. Deb and Donna will teach you how to open your mind up to an audition scene (or acting piece as Deb affectionately calls them) in ways you’ve never thought of before. You will learn how to create rich characters that make deep, specific choices that will exalt you as a storyteller. They teach you how to be a collaborator and to respect yourself as an artist. You will discover the freedom of truth, which empowers you to give. It’s been four months since I’ve taken the course. Since then I have booked a major supporting role in a feature film and two pilots including Marc Forster directed, Hand Of God. Come ready to work and you will flourish.

Dumb and Dumber To, The Assault, Hand of God, Good Kids

Deb’s Intensive has been life-changing to say the least. It’s like getting the keys to the kingdom. This class teaches you to be a bloodhound for sniffing out the realities of your characters in the given circumstances of the work and forges the trail to the fire that burns brightly within your own soul.

Tie the Knot

As actor’s we portray the lives of others so we need to pay attention to the world around us, observe and learn how to open our eyes to see what makes people tick.
With Deborah I learned how to create my character’s world and open my character’s eyes (see through their eyes).
You will not only learn how to analyze a script and figure out what the writers intend is, but you will also learn how to connect all of it in the end and make it click for you!
As we are all unique and connect on different levels, it was great to see Deborah’s love and passion for actors and devote as much time as needed with each single actor in her class until it clicked for them. I witnessed actors that have had a harder time connecting emotionally find their connection with Deborah. Deborah is a beautiful thing and I am an actress with freedom ready to take risks. Grateful!!

Like You Mean It, Dirty People

I have to say that after spending time in class with both Deborah and Donna I feel like I discovered a giant hidden cavern filled with mazes and pools that I can explore and from which I can pull so much more depth and specificity in to everything I am doing.  That in and of itself I would call a huge success.  Deborah and Donna really made me want to “step up” my game and challenged me to always strive to be the best. I’m grateful for having met them both and look forward to growing more with them in the coming years.

Kissing Speilberg, Doritos Crash the Superbowl winner