Amy Stevens Hammond

Amy Hammond
Amy Stevens Hammond creates custom-designed development and production research presentations through her company Heavy Water Productions to service the needs of writers, directors, actors and producers. For the past twenty years, Hammond has provided high level research for projects as varied as The Greatest Showman, Final Portrait, Call Me By Your Name, Les Miserables, Prisoners, Birth of a Nation, Southpaw, Stronger, The Lone Ranger, J. Edgar, The Butler, NCIS New Orleans, Parkland, Everest, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and numerous other projects that are still in development. When working with actors, the research focuses on the personal and psychological details of the character in question, as well as on the cultural context, time, and place, that the character inhabits. Prior to starting her own company, Hammond worked as a production and development executive at C/W Productions at Paramount Pictures. Before coming to California, Hammond began her professional career as a stage manager for regional opera, quickly moving into stage directing and artistic administration. She directed theater productions at the Williamstown Theater Festival and the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, and spent four years at the Hartford Stage Company in Connecticut where she was responsible for creating an Assistant Director training program as well as running educational outreach symposia for the Hartford school systems. She served as an Artistic Associate on the theater company’s staff and became Mark Lamos’ directing assistant, working with him on classical theater and opera productions across the East Coast and in Europe. Additionally, she was the Dramaturg for the World Premiere production of Tony Kushner’s adaptation of The Dybbuk. She has also worked as a professional acting coach and was an adjunct professor of acting at Trinity College. Hammond is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Amherst College. For more information please visit; email for login information.